Tracy WIlson, LMT, ART
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Active Release Techniques®  Provider
Certified personal trainer

Active Release Techniques®
Soft Tissue Massage Treatment

Neurokinetic Therapy
Level One


Kinesio® Taping 
Therapeutic Elastic Taping


Sports Massage Therapy


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Whether your sport is running, swimming,  walking, hiking, cycling, football, soccer, baseball or basketball, gardening or playing with your kids, you CAN be active without pain.

  1. shoulder pain

  2. ITB issues

  3. shin splints

  4. knee pain

  5. plantar fasciitis

  6. hip pain

  7. neck pain

  8. tennis elbow/pain

  9. achilles tendonitis

  10. scar tissue formation

  11. rotator cuff injuries

  12. muscle pulls/strains

  13. many other sports injuries

These are just a few of the conditions that can be feel better with Active Release Techniques® Soft Tissue  Massage Treatment.


You CAN be active without pain...

NV State License #NVMT.6420